G.E. Grace Corporate Real Estate, New York City
G.E. Grace Corporate Real Estate, New York City
Real Estate Consulting Services
Our Consulting Services focus on the representation of organizations with specialized or complex real estate needs with a special emphasis with nonprofits.

GE Grace & Company provides end-to-end consulting services, from conception to implementation for organizations that are compelled to re-think their use of real estate.

Generally our assignments are a result of the following situations:
  • an organization’s desire to extend the reach of its services and fully exploit the value of its real estate assets
  • adverse economics affecting an entity that can be mitigated through re-positioned real estate, or
  • the need for new space due to a lease expiration or the sale of an existing facility.

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Real Estate Consulting Services

We provide consulting services to companies, partnerships and non-profits. In this capacity, we provide expert advice on a variety of issues including the determination of a property’s highest and best use, an evaluation of a property’s development potential, ways to maximize a real estate asset’s value, how to prepare a property for lease or sale, etc. Other services include:


Our assignments begin with an assessment of an organization’s background and goals. We evaluate the organization’s real estate and how well the real estate supports the entity’s operations including ongoing expenses, its configuration and capital structure. Upon completion of this initial review, we develop a strategic plan for rationalizing the company’s real estate assets. By providing a compelling analysis as to the best course of action or a selection of options, we are able to build consensus with the leadership of the organization. Once there is a consensus on the best course of action, we can directly implement the recommended action or manage the process.

For nonprofits, we have found that there is synergy in pairing an experienced independent broker with a consulting service that is oriented to public purpose and philanthropic projects. We have been able to customize compensation arrangements that give clients the benefit of disinterested and unbiased advice and sophisticated analyses that facilitate their decision-making process as well as providing market information and transactional expertise.   [BACK TO TOP]

Our Philosophy

When G.E. Grace?

An Example
GE Grace was hired to assess the real estate of a well known social service provider in New York City. The company owned four real estate assets including their home office, a large camp in upstate New York, a program facility in Harlem and rights to a program facility in the South Bronx. Their need was to form a strategy on how best to use and capitalize on the inherent value of their real estate.

Our due-diligence included analyzing the uses of each property and their respective values. From this, we developed a strategic plan. Some of the buildings required significant deferred maintenance. Other properties were underutilized, but represented a potentially large pocket of untapped capital. Our plan called for the sale of the camp and the use of the proceeds for the re-development of the main program facility. Conceptually simple, but it required a formidable amount of analysis to prove the benefits of the plan outweighed the status quo or other alternatives. Furthermore, there was a great deal of emotional attachment to the asset proposed for disposition. Ultimately the board of directors unanimously agreed to the sale of the camp. We managed the process by hiring a local expert to assist us in the marketing of the property which was done successfully. Because of our knowledge of the real estate brokerage business, we were able to negotiate the fees of the local broker to a level that was much less then a typical brokerage fee and, in effect, paid for our initial analysis of all the nonprofit’s properties.   [BACK TO TOP]

Why G.E. Grace?

With over twenty years experience in a broad range of real estate transactions, G.E. Grace provides substantive information which enables business and organization leaders to make informed real estate decisions. We have represented many of our clients on multiple assignments because they value our unbiased advice which results in good decisions and optimal outcomes.

Our Real Estate Consulting Team
George E. Grace has over 22 years experience in real estate consulting and brokerage. He has been a principal participant in several million square feet of leasing transactions as owner’s agent and more recently as tenant representative. He has worked extensively with nonprofit and governmental organizations including Children’s Aid Society, The NYC Mission Society, Gods Love We Deliver and Empire State Development Corporation. Mr. Grace is a graduate of Fordham Law School. He received an MBA from the University of Chicago and an engineering degree from Cooper Union. He holds New York and New Jersey Real Estate Broker’s Licenses.

Michael Dirzulaitis has over 30 years experience in real estate consulting including all phases of real estate development. As Senior Vice President of the NYS Urban Development Corporation he has lead and implemented developments including the Queens West Project, the Harlem International Trade Center, and the 42nd Street Development Project. As Deputy Commissioner of New York City's Division of Real Property, he managed site selection services for City agencies and a diverse number of innovative development transactions. For the last 10 years he has been providing real estate services to a broad range of nonprofit clients through the CommunEcon Group. He has also co-developed commercial properties on East 125th Street (the “Gateway Sites”) for his own account. An urban planner by training, Mr. Dirzulaitis attended NYU's Washington Square College and Graduate School of Public Administration.

Patricia Zedalis has 30 years real estate consulting experience in the public and private sectors. She managed the development of Theatre Row on West 42nd Street for the 42nd Street Development Corporation. For the NYC Board of Education, she oversaw all real estate activities including site selection and evaluation for new schools throughout the boroughs. In addition, she has successfully completed numerous consulting assignments. Most recently, she has acted as real estate advisor with Michael Dirzulaitis to the Hispanic Federation for its new headquarters and regional conference center. Ms. Zedalis has a bachelor’s degree from Fordham University and a master’s degree from Queens College.   [BACK TO TOP]

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